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Field Trip Reservation Form

Dear Educator,

Thank you for the work you do to help your students learn about the natural world around them. We look forward to working with you to design a field trip that will be educational, fun, and an extension of your classroom learning.

Here are a few things to note:

• We will try and accommodate your first choice of field trip day, but sometimes we cannot.

• You will be e-mailed written confirmation of your field trip date. This confirmation will also serve as your entrance fee waiver. The entrance fee will be waived for formal educational groups conducting a unit of study that focuses on the natural environment.

• If you would like to schedule a field trip between May 15 and the end of the school year, you are required to attend a Field Trip Orientation Workshop offered by the Refuge. Four orientations are offered each year between January and April.

• Lunch: Several outdoor locations are provided for your group to have lunch. You are asked to take your trash with you.

• Indoor Activities: Refuge staff and volunteers will facilitate indoor activities in the Education Center, however, parent and teacher assistance is required. Activities are 30 minutes long and will be designed to meet the goals of your field trip.

• Trail Time: The Refuge does not have the resources to personally guide each group along the trail so teachers are responsible for deciding how to organize the trail time. Since learning and wildlife observation is best in small groups we encourage you to divide into groups of 5 students with one parent chaperone to walk together along the trails.

Complete the following information for your entire group.

Contact Information

Name of School or Group:  
Contact Person:  
School Phone:  

Scheduling Details

1st Choice Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 
2nd Choice Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 
Arrival Time:  
Departure Time:  

Group Details

Arriving by:
Grade of Students:
Age of Students:  
Number of of Students:  
Number of of Adults:  
Total in Group:  

Note: An adult-student ratio of 1:5 is required. Adult supervision is required at all times.
This does not apply to college groups.

Visit Type

Select one


Class Information

Please list the name and class size of each participating teacher

Teacher 1:   Email:  
Class size:  
Teacher 2:   Email:  
Class size:  
Teacher 3:   Email:  
Class size:   
Teacher 4:   Email:  
Class size:  

Goals and Activities

1. Describe your field trip goals. What do you want the students to learn? How is this
field trip connected to what you are studying in class? Include concepts, subject matter,
and skills you have been working on.
2. Give a brief description of your pre-trip activities. How will the students be prepared for the field trip?
3. How will you be following up the field trip experience back in the classroom?

Your Field Trip Schedule

Choose one.
The Education Coordinator will develop your field trip schedule based on the information you have provided. The schedule will include time for an opening session, lunch and a closing session.

Refuge Experience

Have you brought a class to the refuge before?
Have you used the Education Center before?
Have you attended a Field Trip Orientation Workshop at the Refuge?
If yes, when? 



Last Updated: Mar 07, 2013
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