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Ninepipe Birds

 A mixed flock of northern shoveler ducks (with bright green heads), a handsome brown and white headed northern pintail male, brown female ducks, and slender black and white black-necked stilts rest along the shore. Photo by Steve Hillebrand, USFWSEstablished among the prairie potholes of the Mission Valley to be “….a refuge and breeding grounds for native birds”, Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge provides excellent breeding and staging habitat for abundant waterfowl and other water birds. We’ll post sightings here from time to time. Let us know what you’ve been seeing.

May 20, 2014

Afternoon – sunny, very warm
Ninepipe Reservoir and area
**White faced ibis – a dozen or more at ponds at corner of Logan Rd and Ninepipe Lane
American avocet
American coot
Northern shoveler
Canada goose
Great blue heron
Ring-billed gull
Lesser scaup
Cinnamon teal
Red-winged blackbird
Yellow-headed blackbird
Trumpeter swan
Tree swallow
Cliff swallow
Barn swallow
Ring-necked pheasant
Last Updated: May 23, 2014
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