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Staff doing EE with Adult group

 "Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection." Freeman Tilden (1957)

  • Program Overview

    Environmental Education and Girl Scouts

    On average, the refuge hosts 2,309 students annually. Students come from communities as far as Darby to the south and Ronan to the north. Most students are from grades 3 through 5. The majority of visits occur during May and schools usually visit once per year. The Refuge has 20 pairs of binoculars, 5 microscopes, 25 hand lens, several nets for aquatic or insect sampling. The refuge has formal curriculum for students/teachers/educators participating in the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program.

  • Field Trips to the Refuge

    Lone Rock Elementary School Visit - photo

    You and your classroom are invited to use the Refuge, either self-guided or hosted by Refuge staff. It is easy to schedule a field trip; please contact Bob Danley, Refuge Outdoor Recreation Planner, at (406) 777-5552 x203, cell (406) 360-4691 or email

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  • Montana Junior Duck Stamp Program

    2013 Montana Jr. Duck Stamp Contest Best of Show

    "At a time when children are increasingly over-scheduled and overwhelmed with electronic gadgets and media, the Junior Duck Stamp Program helps them discover the value and joy in exploring their natural world" (Sam Hamilton, former USFWS Director).

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  • Classroom Visits

    Classroom Visit by Staff to Clinton School

    Refuge and volunteer staff have visited local schools and attended community organization meetings to perform environmental education, interpretation, and outreach using established education kits and programs highlighting refuge resources. Whatever the group, Refuge staff efforts tailor the wildlife program to be age specific and themed for organizations et al. It is easy to schedule a classroom visit; please contact Bob Danley, Refuge Outdoor Recreation Planner, at (406) 777-5552 x203, cell (406) 360-4691 or email

    Over the last year or two, the Refuge has had a passionate and talented volunteer that goes into 3rd grade classrooms performing environmental education. "Hands-on" wildlife materials, along with student booklets, are brought into the classrooms and shared with students. This service is free as are all Refuge programs. Let us know if you would like us to visit your classroom.

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2014
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