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Two whitetail bucks grazing in the prairie along the J. Clark Salyer NWR scenic trail.

A number of areas on the Refuge are open to hunting for deer, waterfowl, grouse, partridge, pheasant, wild turkey, and fox.

Please familiarize yourself with the following information to help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. 

  • All hunting activities are permitted in accordance with State regulations.  Respect the privileges of other hunters who may be in close proximity to you.
  • Pack out your trash (including shotgun shell casings) so that the area will remain clean, natural, and enjoyable.
  • There are nine Public Hunting Areas available on the Refuge and designated on the Refuge hunting map.  These areas are open for waterfowl, sharp-tailed grouse, partridge, pheasant, and deer hunting.

Hunting Regulations       

  • State law prohibits hunting within one-quarter mile of occupied buildings
  • The area around the Refuge office and visitor center is closed to all hunting and is marked with No Hunting Zone signs.
  • Non-toxic shot is required for hunting upland game and waterfowl on the Refuge.
  • Entry without a firearm to retrieve legally taken waterfowl is permitted within 100 yards of exterior Refuge boundaries and interior boundaries of designated Public Hunting Areas.
  • State law prohibits hunting on posted land without landowner permission and hunting from road rights-of-way where land on both sides of the road is closed to hunting.
  • The entire Refuge is open for late-season pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, partridge, and fox hunting following the close of firearm deer season, in accordance with the State hunting seasons.  

Firearm Deer Hunting  

  • A special permit issued by the State is required to hunt deer on the Refuge.  The entire Refuge is open for firearm deer hunting in accordance with the State season.  

Archery Deer Hunting     

  • The Refuge is open to archery deer hunting in accordance with the State season.  

Turkey, Grouse, and Partridge   

  • The portion of the Refuge south of the Upham-Willow City Road is open for turkey, grouse, and partridge hunting during the State seasons.   


  •  Overnight camping and open fires are prohibited.

 Public Safety  

  • For safety reasons, please stay off all water control structures.


  • Possessing alcohol on the Refuge is prohibited. 

Please see the J. Clark Salyer NWR hunting brochure for the locations of our public hunting areas.

To learn more about hunting in North Dakota, please visit the North Dakota Game & Fish Department website.
Last Updated: Dec 30, 2013
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