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Kentucky Junior Duck Stamp

Migrating Science into the Arts
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A great way to get kids involved in the outdoors is through the Junior Duck Stamp Art and Writing Contest! The Junior Duck Stamp contest teaches students about wetlands, migration, conservation, waterfowl, and land stewardship. This program has been used in not just art and science classes, but writing, history, and gifted classes as well. 

The contest is a great learning experience for beginners and the more experienced artist as well! For ideas on the various types of art we receive visit our gallery

Recognition is given to winners in many forms including cash, ribbons, certificates, etc. If you know someone in grades K-12 who would be interested, please give them the opportunity to show their talent.

If you would like more information, or would like to schedule a time for staff to speak with your students about the Junior Duck Stamp Contest, contact refuge headquarters. You can also like us on Facebook!


Helpful Handouts:

How to Draw a Duck

Examples of Past Conservation Messages

Tips for Winning Art

Other Useful Links:

Looking for ways to incorporate the contest into your curriculum? Use our waterfowl survey data to study population fluctuations, or data graphing.

Want to incorporate history into the JDS lessons? This link should help. 

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Webpage

Junior Duck Stamp Educational Curriculum

Friends of The Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp

Facts About Kentucky Junior Duck Stamp

Samuel Lambert from Paducah, Kentucky won the National 2013 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show Conservation Message.

The sales of Junior Duck Stamps since 1989 have generated more than $1,250,000 dollars, helping to support environmental education programs for students across the country.

Junior Duck Stamps are sold for $5, and have become quite the collector's item!

Sponsors for the Kentucky Junior Duck Stamp Contest include: LG&E KU, Publishers Press, Friends of Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, Acorn Naturalists, Higdon Outdoors, and Unique Promotional Products

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Last Updated: Apr 06, 2015
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