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Illinois River Refuges Complex Bird List

Click here to download a list of birds found on the Illinois River Refuges Complex.

Bird Counts on the Illinois River Refuges Complex

  • Chautauqua Refuge: This census information on bird use of Chautauqua Refuge was initiated when volunteers Dr. Richard and Sigurd Bjorklund began conducting counts in 1996. The Bjorklunds conducted a complete count of wading birds, shorebirds, waterfowl, and raptors from an established census route around the refuge.  Following the Bjorklunds retirement in late 2014, the Wildlife Biologist continues the same census route and protocol. Refuge staff tries to post census results as soon as possible.  Censuses are generally performed every other Friday.
    • Click here to download the weekly bird survey of Chautauqua Refuge. 
  • Meredosia Refuge: Refuge staff conducts a survey of all birds on a regular basis at Meredosia Refuge. These data will be posted on the refuge website as reports are received, and can be found at

  • Emiquon Refuge: Refuge staff conducts point counts of bird use on a regular basis at Emiquon Refuge. Weekly counts will be performed through breeding season and monthly throughout the rest of the year. These data will be posted on the refuge website as reports are received, and can be found at

  • Refuge staff and other volunteers make casual, irregular observations that may be posted as notes on the website. If you have an observation to report, email us at

Bird Counts Conducted by the Illinois Natural History Survey

The Illinois Natural History Survey conducts aerial surveys of waterfowl on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers on a weekly basis during waterfowl season. Visit their website at to view the latest waterfowl survey on the Illinois River.

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2015
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