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  • Blue dasher dragonfly/John Magera

    Amazing dragonflies

    Will be seen at our 2014 Dragonfly Festival, Saturday, September 6. Call us at (575) 910-1276 for reservations at this free Event!

  • Duck floating on the water

    For the birds...

    The refuge serves an important role to thousands of migratory birds; including waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds.

  • Mule deer buck

    Deer of the desert

    The desert mule deer is prominent throughout New Mexico and commonly seen on the refuge. It can be identified by the black tip on its tail.

  • Pecos puzzle sunflower/USFWS

    Orange sunflower

    The refuge is home to some unique and colorful wild residents, including the Pecos puzzle sunflower.

  • Bobcat/USFWS

    Wild cats on the refuge

    Look for this wild refuge resident -- the bobcat. They have "bobbed" tails and their ears resemble that of the lynx.

Temporarily Unable to Reach Us!

Refuge Phones & Internet Down!

No phone clipart 150 x 150

With the start of this week, August 11, 2014; our telephone and Internet services have been down! We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore.

Refuge's Communication Services Down!

From Reptiles at Sunset to Nighttime Stars!

Kicking off our Dragonfly Festival

Stars in the evening skySeptember 05, 2014

Friday Night Presentations - on September 5th. Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge will host a special presentation at 6:30 pm on reptiles with Jerry Tuttle and Scott Bulgrin. The presentation will be held in the refuge's Visitor Center auditorium. Following the presentation will be a Star Gazing Activity! All Free of charge. For information, call (575) 910-1276.

About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America’s fish, wildlife, and plants.

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Celebrate With Us!

  • 2014 Dragonfly Festival - Saturday, September 6th!

    Winning poster artwork by Amelia Tenorio, 4th Grader

    TEMPORARY, ALTERNATE TELEPHONE NUMBER TO CALL: (575) 910-1276 for Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge's 2014 Dragonfly Festival Reservations. The Schedule and Description of Events is now available! All the Events are free and offered to the entire family, but reservations are required for Tours. Telephone (575) 910-1276 TODAY to reserve your space for our Dragonfly, Birding, and/or Wildlife Tours. Discovery Activities will be offered for Kids (and their adults) with a guided tour presented by wildlife biologists. For additional details go to: The Festival provides a full day of earthling Fun for Everyone! Open the link below to view the Schedule. See you in Roswell, New Mexico at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the first weekend in September!

    2014 Dragonfly Festival Events Schedule/Descriptions
  • Our 2014 Festival Presenters

    September 06, 2014

    Join us Saturday, September 6 in our refuge Visitor Center auditorium for various presenters hosting specialty programs for our annual Dragonfly Festival. 9:00 am - Bill Lindemann speaking on Hummingbirds. 10:00 am - Jerry Tuttle and Scott Bulgrin presenting Poisonous Lizards of the United States of America. 11:00 am - Debbie Pike presents Monarch Butterflies. 1:00 pm - Karen Gaines, Dragonflies of the Southwest. 2:00 pm - Jerry Holmes on Landscape Photography.

Page Photo Credits — Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge's wetlands / USFWS, 2014 Dragonfly Festival Poster / Artist, 4th Grader Amelia Tenorio ©, Visitor Center's back window view / B. Madison, USFWS, Dragonfly species / USFWS, All photos courtesy of USFWS unless otherwise noted.
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2014
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