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Rules and Regulations

There are a lot of fun, interesting, and educational things you can do on the refuge. Keep in mind, if an activity is not wildlife related and doesn’t help in the protection or understanding of wildlife or their habitat, there are probably refuge rules governing this activity. Please check with the refuge before participating in an activity that could harm the environment or yourself. There are plenty of activities on the Wichita Mountains Refuge for you to enjoy. Be safe and have fun!

General Regulations 

  • Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the refuge, including the camping and picnicking areas.
  • Public Access, use, or recreational activities not specifically allowed are prohibited. Compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations including all official signs is required.
  • Allowed recreational activities, points of interest, and facilities are marked by symbols along roadsides or in recreation areas located in the refuge.
  • Fires are allowed only in those areas where camping and picnicking are allowed. They must be built in grates and grills provided for that purpose. Dead fallen timber may be used. Fires must not be left unattended and must be completely extinguished before leaving the area. During periods of extreme high fire danger (as noted by signs at refuge entrances), wood fires may be prohibited. Check at the Visitor Center, Headquarters or the Doris Campground for verification. The use of campstoves and charcoal in grates and grills is allowed during high fire danger periods.
  • Swimming, wading, and snorkeling are prohibited on the refuge.
  • Hiking, sightseeing, nature observation and photography are allowed during daylight hours only. Night fishing in designated lakes and through traffic are allowed after dark.
  • The refuge is for wildlife.  Searching for treasure or artifacts and gold panning are prohibited on the refuge.
  • General camping is permitted only in Doris Campground. Youth camping is available at Fawn Creek Campground by reservation. Backcountry camping is available by permit in the Charon's Garden Wilderness Area. 
  • For a complete copy of the refuge's regulations, stop by the Visitor Center.


Last Updated: Jun 18, 2012
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