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  • Upcoming Events

    • Bird of a Feather Flock Together

      Feather Close Up

      Come learn about the most complex body-covering in the animal kingdom -- feathers!  Find out what they’re made of, how they grow, and how they work.  Go home with a feather craft. Recommended for students in grades 1 – 5. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Call 631-286-0485.

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    • Bird Felt Craft - Black-capped Chickadee

      Black-capped Chickadee

      You’ve seen these friendly little birds before, now you and your child can make one! Join us in making a felt bird ornament and learn some cool facts about this bird’s behavior and habitat.  All materials provided. Recommended for children in grades 2 - 7. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Call 631-286-0485.  

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    • Birdfeeder and Bird House Building Workshop

      Bluebird on Bird House

      Bring your family to Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge for this interactive workshop. Your family will build BOTH a bird house and a bird feeder that you can take home.  While the adults are working on the final touches, the kids can make and decorate their very own bird feeder. Recommended for all ages. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Call 631-286-0485.

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    • Guided Bird Hike for Families

      Guided Bird Hike

      Taking a walk in the woods can be more interesting if you know what you're looking at. Join us for a guided birding walk where fun activities such as a "treasure hunt" will help us learn to identify birds as well as their behavior and habitat. Recommended for all ages. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Call 631-286-0485.

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    • Birds of Prey by Sweetbriar Nature Center (at Wertheim Refuge)

      Great Horned Owl

      Birds of prey are some of the most magnificent animals in the world. Sweetbriar's programs are designed to involve participants through the use of live animals, hands-on activities and interactive experiences. In this presentation, participants will meet a variety of birds and discover what makes them so special. Sweetbriar will share two owls, a falcon and a hawk and information about the adaptations that help these awesome birds survive. Recommended for all ages.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Call 631-286-0485.

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    • The Unloved, Unusual and Unknown: Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates

      Northern Water Snake

      Take a walk on the wild side with Jungle Bob as he brings the wonders of nature to life with a live animal show of some of the world’s 'unloved, unusual and unknown' creatures.  Encounter snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodilians, frogs, toads, salamanders, tarantulas and more! Interact with these amazing creatures as we examine and discuss habitats, location, diets, defense mechanisms and more! Recommended for families!

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Last Updated: May 15, 2013
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