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Public hunting is permitted on approximately 6,000 acres of the refuge in New Jersey during specific times of the year. The hunting program is administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in cooperation with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Hunting is a wildlife management tool used to control some animal populations and is also a Congressionally mandated priority public use. Hunters must obtain a refuge permit for each hunting season, as well as all applicable state licenses and permits.

The Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge issues "Special Hunting Permits" for eligible physically challenged persons to provide hunting opportunities for people who need physical or mechanical assistance for mobility, during the prescribed seasons set by the refuge. For more information please visit the following link: Information for Hunters with Disabling Conditions.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment while visiting Wallkill River, please take time to become familiar with the following regulations.

Every person on the Refuge must carry a valid refuge permit. Each permit (deer, migratory bird, turkey or combination) requires a separate application and will cost $30.00 each, or a combination permit good for deer, migratory bird, and turkey will cost $75.00. Reduced permit fees for:

  • Youth hunters (under 16 years of age) - Free
  • Access Pass holders - $17.50 single permit; $40 combination permit
  • Senior pass holders - $17.50 single permit; $40 combination permit

(Please call refuge office at 973-702-7266 x 10 for Pass information or go to Guide to Federal Recreation Passes)

Permits are sold online through Kinsail Corporation and refuge maps, regulations and pertinent information is available at Credit card, Pay Pal, and e-check are accepted as online payment and permits, regulations and maps may be immediately printed.  You will need internet access and a printer to successfully complete the online permit process.  Without either of those, the alternative is to contact Kinsail at 1-703-994-4194 and select option "0".  A sales representative will process your credit card payment or echeck for an additional handling fee and mail the permit package to you.  Permit sales begin July 1 of each year.

The refuge is open for the following New Jersey hunting seasons:

Wild Turkey

2015 Season Information

The refuge is open to both spring and fall turkey hunting. Hunters must first obtain an Area #5 permit from the State. You must have both State and refuge permits in your possession to hunt on the refuge. The permit application fees indicated above will be charged.

Migratory Birds

2015-2016 Season Information

The refuge is open for the following hunting seasons

Deer Hunting

2015-2016 Season Information

  • Youth Day
  • Regular fall bow & winter bow
  • Extended/permit bow (NJ Zone #2)
  • Permit muzzleloader (NJ Zone #2)
  • Permit shotgun (NJ Zone #2)
  • Six-day Firearm
Page Photo Credits — Two young hunters - Jim Holowienka.
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2015
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