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Voluntary Waterfowl Avoidance Areas

The Waterfowl Hunting Closed Areas are marked in the field by white signs with orange bands on the top. Some areas will include a designated Travel Corridor. The travel corridor is marked by white signs with blue lettering that state “Travel Corridor.”

Also, the No Motors regulation is in effect on areas marked with the No Motors signs. Examples of the signs seen in the field.

These voluntary avoidance areas within the Waterfowl Hunting Closed Areas help reduce disturbance to resting and feeding waterfowl during fall migration. Waterfowl are sensitive to human activity occurring near their resting and feeding areas. Even distant boating activity may be enough to cause birds to flush and burn-up valuable energy reserves. Boaters, who voluntarily throttle down and avoid concentrations of waterfowl, wherever they occur, will help birds by allowing them to spend their time feeding, accumulating fat reserves, which is critical for surviving their migration.

These areas are:


Voluntary Avoidance Areas within Waterfowl Hunting Closed Areas October 15 through the end of the state duck hunting season:

Pool 4 - Big Lake, WI
Pool 5 - Weaver, MN/Lost Island, WI
Pool 5A - Polander Lake, MN & WI
Pool 8 - Wisconsin Islands, MN   
Pool 9 Harpers Slough, WI
Pool 11 - 12 Mile Island, WI 
Pool 13 - Pleasant Creek, Iowa
Pool 13 - Elk River, Iowa

Voluntary Avoidance Area in Pool 7, Lake Onalaska Voluntary Avoidance Area
This is a 3,356 acre area within the larger 7,369 Lake Onalaska Waterfowl Hunting Closed area.  This voluntary avoidance area goes into effect on October 15 and remains in effect through mid-November.

Voluntary Avoidance and No Motors allowed:
Pool 4 - Rieck’s Lake, WI
Pool 4 - Peterson Lake, MN
Pool 5 - Spring Lake, WI
Pool 5A - Fountain City Bay
Pool 10 Sturgeon Slough
Pool 11 John Deer Marsh, Iowa
Pool 12 Kehough Slough, Illinois
Pool 14 Beaver Island, Illinois

Voluntary Avoidance Area, No motors Allowed, No Hunting Zone and a Waterfowl Hunting Closed Area:
Pool 8 - Goose Island No Hunting Zone 



Last Updated: Oct 07, 2015
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