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Waterfowl Hunting on the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex


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General Regulations  

Refuge recreation passes and duck stamps are sold at the visitor center office which is located at 4009 Hill Rd, Tulelake California. Harvest Information Program (HIP) Validations and other state licenses must be attained in advance and will not be available at the check stations or visitor center offices. Check station procedures, regulations, and bag limits are available on this site. Learn More 

Hunt Area Descriptions

Tule Lake Refuge is divided into different areas which include both free roam areas and spaced blind areas which require hunters to check in.  

Lower Klamath Refuge is comprised of free roam fields and marshes and there is no spaced blind area that requires hunters to check in.   

Upper Klamath Refuge is mainly a boat in area composed of open water and wetland habitat. 

Klamath Marsh Refuge has a mix of marshy, wet meadow and dry grassland habitat.

Clear Lake Refuge is a very remote area of the complex located east of Tulelake, California and is walk-in hunting only.

Recent Hunting Statistics

Tule Lake Space Blinds and Sump 1b as of January 6th, 2015

Lower Klamath Free Roam January 6th, 2015

Tule Lake Free Roam Fields January 6th, 2015

Recent Aerial Surveys

Click here for more information on recent bird counts

Hunt Maps
2014-2015 Refuge waterfowl and pheasant hunting maps. Learn More

Refuge Entry Time  
This year the let in times were changes, please check the current let it times. Learn More 

General Season Dates and Bag Limits 
2014-2015 hunt season dates and bag harvest limits can be found here. Learn More  

Special Hunts

Youth hunts and Ladies special hunt information. Learn More


Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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