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Jr Duck Stamp 2014 National WinnerThe Jr. Duck Stamp annual design contest connects kids to nature through art, while teaching about waterfowl conservation. Pictured is the 2014 winning painting of a King Eider by Si youn Kim, age 16, of New Jersey. 

Explore, Investigate, Express and Share: Participate in the Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program! 

Whether you are a classroom teacher, homeschool teacher, youth group leader or parent, we have educational resources for you to help the young people in your life explore the wonders of the outdoor world and their connection to waterfowl, wetlands and habitat conservation.

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After you have explored the wealth of activities and learning through the curriculum, find everything your students will need to enter the 2015 Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest.


The Nevada Jr Duck Stamp contest is hosted by Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Las Vegas, NV. Entries must be postmarked by March 15 and received in good condition at the Desert NWRC office in order to be judged.  Judging takes place in March in Las Vegas, with a panel of expert and impartial judges sorting through the hundreds of entries to come up with the one Best in Show winner.  Results and notification are done by the first of April.  The state Best in Show artwork is sent to the National contest for judging, which is held in April.  The top 3 winners are then selected, with the winning art becoming the following years' Federal Jr Duck Stamp.


For more information, contact Christy Smith, Project Leader, Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex at 4701 North Torrey Pines Drive; phone:  702/515-5450; email:



Recognition and prizes will vary from state to state; however, all entries will receive certificates of participation and winners will receive special recognition. In acknowledgment of the integral part teachers and parents play in education and the future of the youth of our nation, the national winner and one parent or guardian will receive a free trip to participate in the First Day of Sale ceremony in late June/early July.
Last Updated: Oct 08, 2014
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