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For Educators

kidsviewmarshConnect your Class to the Marsh!

New for 2014 is the Jr. Duck Stamp Educator and Student Guides - a comprehensive standards-based curriculum for public schools, nonformal educators and homeschools.  We would be happy to send you the appropriate guide on request, just contact the Stillwater NWR Visitor Service Manager at 775/423-5128 ext 228 or click on the contact us by email link at the bottom of this web page.


The Jr Duck Stamp art design and contest program takes place annually, with an entry deadline of March 15 (postmarked by), and is open to all youth in grades K - 12.  Rules, waterfowl species allowed and contest information can be found on the Federal Jr Duck Stamp website at: 


Whether you are a public school educator, a home-school leader, work with scouts, or are a non-formal natural resource educator, Stillwater NWR has many options for learning about the cultural and natural resources of the unique Lahontan Valley Wetlands.


Our office can provide learning kits for your group or class, either through FREE checkout or by conducting the lesson or activity for you and your students.


All of our environmental education programs are aligned with NV state and National Education Standards, so that integration into your existing curriculum will be smooth.  Activities can either be stand-alone or supplemental to your current subject matter lessons.


Topics include: Wetland habitats, bird biology, Native American use of plants, wildlife and the Stillwater marsh, birdwatching, waterfowl hunting, Jr Duck Stamp conservation art project, marsh ecology, insects and natural resource careers.

Please contact the Visitor Services Manager at Stillwater NWR Complex headquarters for more information, to schedule a refuge tour, or visit to your class.
Call 775/423-5128 ext 228.
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2014
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