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HuntingFor some, hunting at Seney National Wildlife Refuge is an annual event. There are hunters that have been returning to the refuge for over 50 years, initiating the next generation who will hopefully continue the tradition.

Hunter Information

Seney National Wildlife Refuge allows hunting as a wildlife management and recreation tool...

Species Permitted and Dates Allowed

Species not listed may not be taken. 

Small Game Area A Area B
Ruffed Grouse Closed State Season
American Woodcock Closed State Season
Wilson's Snipe Closed State Season
Snowshoe Hare December 1st - March 31 State Season


Big Game Area A Area B
White-tailed Deer (Archery) Late State Season State Season
White-tailed Deer (Regular Firearms) State Season State Season
White-tailed Deer (Muzzleloading) State Season State Season
Black Bear Closed State Season


 Seney NWR Hunting Map 

Hunting is permitted with a valid Michigan hunting license. In addition to all applicable State regulations, the following refuge regulations apply: 


Special Conditions  

  • Baiting and artificial lures are prohibited for all species. 
  • The possession of bait is prohibited on the Refuge. 
  • Only approved non-toxic shot may be used for hunting ruffed grouse, American woodcock, Wilson's snipe, and snowshoe hare. 
  • Dogs may be used to hunt Wilson's snipe, snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse, and American woodcock. The use of dogs to hunt black bear and deer is prohibited. 
  • If a wounded animal enters a closed area, call the Refuge headquarters, or track it without a firearm. 
  • State of Michigan concealed carry permits are valid on refuge lands, but not in refuge facilities.  
Vehicle Regulations

  • All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles are prohibited. 
  • Vehicles are allowed on Refuge roads when gates are open. No off-road travel is allowed with any motorized vehicle. Park along roads leaving room for vehicles to pass and do not block gates. Beware of soft shoulders and steep banks. 

Shelter and Stand Regulations  

  • Portable tree stands are permitted. Only one stand per hunter is allowed and it must be removed by the end of the season. 
  • No screw in steps or any objects that penetrate through the bark of a tree are allowed. 
  • Free standing ground blinds built of manufactured materials must be removed at the close of hunting season. 
  • All blinds and stands must be clearly marked with the owner’s name and address. If the blind/stand is in a tree, the name and address must be readable from the ground.  
  • Cutting of any part of standing trees or shrubs (dead or alive) for any purpose is prohibited. 

Camping Regulations 
  • During the regular firearms season for white-tailed deer, camping is allowed west of the Driggs River. However, no camping is allowed in the Wilderness or Natural Areas. Camping is not allowed during the deer muzzleloader season.
  • Free camping permits are required and may be obtained at the refuge headquarters starting November 13.

Report All Injuries and Accidents
  • All injuries or accidents occurring on the refuge must be reported immediately to the refuge headquarters at (906) 586-9851. 


Refuge Signs - Know their Meaning!



Refuge Boundary Signs 
National Wildlife Refuge Boundary Sign 2
National Wildlife Refuge Boundary Sign 1 
Open to Hunting per Refuge Regulations 
 Public Hunting Area 
Hunting Prohibited 
  No Hunting Zone 
Off Limits to the Public 
  Area Closed Beyond This Sign 
National Wilderness Area Boundary 
  Wilderness Boundary 
Hunting Brochure
Page Photo Credits — Hunters - Eugene Hester/USFWS
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014
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