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Fontenelle Dam Releases & Green River Flow Updates

1966 Telephone Island 2-512x219We will post upcoming flow changes as they become available, with the link to Fontenelle Dam daily release information.  Large boulders, rock sills and structures in the river bed pose a constant risk to boaters on this stretch of the Green.  High water has the potential to drastically alter instream characteristics, such as locations of gravel bars, riffles and holes.  Float times during high water can also be expected to decrease.  Low flows will reveal more obstacles for boats and longer float times.  Visitors should be aware of changing flows and the associated risks.  

July 15, 2014 

Fontenelle Reservoir releases are currently 1,750 cfs total release at powerplant capacity.  Fontenelle Reservoir has been filling and the inflows have remained around 4,500 cfs.  Current projections are for Fontenelle Dam to reach spillway elevation of 6,506 ft next week.  Fontenelle Dam releases will spill in order to clear accumulated debris below the spillway.  However, Fontenelle Dam releases will be increased in order to minimize spilled releases.  Therefore, beginning Monday, July 21, 2014, powerplant and bypass releases will be increased to 2,750 cfs, according to the schedule below. 


Date               Time    Initial Release              Change            Final Release


                     MST    (cfs)                             (cfs)                 (cfs)

07/21/2014      0800    1750                            +250                2000

07/21/2014      1600    2000                            +250                2250

07/22/2014      0800    2250                            +250                2500

07/22/2014      1600    2500                            +250                2750


Releases from Fontenelle Dam will equal total release plus reservoir inflow.  It is anticipated that releases will range between 2,750 and 3,250 cfs.  This notification supersedes all previously issued notifications and is current until a new one is issued. 

Please note: All times identified in this directive are local time (Mountain Daylight Time) and not hour ending.

Thank you,

​Heather E. Patno

Hydraulic Engineer

Upper Colorado Region

Bureau of Reclamation


Visit the Bureau of Reclamation's website to monitor daily Fontenelle releases at  

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2014
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