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California Clapper Rail

Rallus longirostris obsoletus
California Clapper Rail at High Tide

The Life and Times of the California Clapper Rail

In the past, thousands upon thousands of California clapper rails foraged, mated, and nested in the extensive marshes along San Francisco Bay.  They flourished here for good reason.  Salt marshes contain everything that these birds require - abundant food, nesting sites and cover are available, and few terrestrial predators venture far into the tidal wetlands.

This excerpt is from a story originally published in the 1991 Summer issue of Tideline, the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex's newsletter. 

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Facts About California Clapper Rail

Federal Status:  Listed Endangered in 1970

Diet:  Crustaceans, insects, frogs, worms, and small mammals

Size:  14" - 16 1/2" in Length

Ejects pellets

Page Photo Credits — California Clapper Rail at High Tide/Chris Cochems
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2013
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