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Monthly Tours

Hike with a Ranger, monthly hiking series on the San Diego NWR

Have you ever been to the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge? Here is your chance for a private tour. Come join refuge staff for a monthly interpretive hike series called, "Hike with a Ranger!"

San Diego is home to one of the most biologically diverse hotspots of the world, and the Refuge is no exception. Come and learn about San Diego's native habitats, such as coastal sage scrub, riparian, cactus scrub, and native grassland. Find out how the US Fish & Wildlife Service is working to protect the sensitive and unique wildlife that live there.  Many times, specialists or "experts" are featured on the hikes, covering special themes such as International Migratory Bird Day, or National Pollinator Week.  Kids and families encouraged!    
"Hike with a Ranger" is on one Saturday per month, usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours, and there is no shade during the hike.  Please bring water, wear sturdy hiking shoes, and bring binoculars and a sketchbook if you have them.  Some binoculars are provided to borrow for the hike. 


Hiking Dates for 2014 (note changing start times) 

January 4, 9am ~ 11am @ Sweetwater Interpretive Loop Trail. 

February 22, 9am ~ 11:30am @ Par 4 Drive Trail.  Topic: Native Plants and Wildflowers in Bloom with Ranger Debby Good 

March 22, 8am ~ 11am @ McGinty Mountain trail. Topic: Special Soils, Rare Plants, and Historical Mines with special guest from the FWS Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program, Jonathan Snapp-Cook 

April 26, 8am ~10am @ Sweetwater Interpretive Loop Trail. Topic: Celebrate Migratory Birds with Biologist John Martin 

May 17, 9am ~11am @ Par 4 Drive Trail. Topic: Celebrate Native Pollinators with Grad student James Hung 



August 16, - 8am ~11am @ Sweetwater Interpretive Loop Trail. Topic: LIVE Native Reptiles with Biologists from the US Geological Survey  
For more information, please call USFWS Interpretive Ranger Lisa Cox at: 
(619) 476-9150 X 106 or email 
~ RSVPs appreciated ~ 
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2014
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