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Environmental Education Programs

Students looking at a skull

The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex welcomes groups to take part in our environmental education programs. Programs/activities are available by reservation only and can take place at Sacramento, Colusa, Llano Seco, or Sacramento River NWR. Please contact staff if you need special accommodatons or to tailor a program for your educational group (college, adults, scouts, etc.).


Educational activites on-site are offered from late October through February (limited rest of year). Free admission is offered to educational groups. The Complex will have up to 2 staff available to lead activities.

View the 2014-15 education activities and registration form (if you do not have basic Adobe editing software, please print and fill out the form). Print the "plan your visit" informational sheet. See what core curriculum science state standards are met on the programs (coming soon).

Learning opportunities on the Complex include the following:

  • Grade specific activities to correlate with core curriculum science content standards
  • Visitor center and interpretive panels
  • Discovery room and diorama
  • Wildlife exhibits
  • Educational videos
  • Wetlands Walk
  • Auto tour and viewing platform

Helpful Field Trip Tips

  • November‐February is the best time to view large flocks of waterfowl.
  • Have the students dress for the weather! Most of the activities take place outside. Dressing in layers and having durable footwear is recommended.
  • Carry‐In, Carry‐Out! Help the Complex by bringing your own garbage bags to carry out your lunch trash. Bring separate bags to place your recyclables in.

Activites to do on the Complex

Wetland Walk:Teacher information, Brochure, Map 

Discovery Room:Teacher information, Worksheet for 3-5th gradeWorksheet for 1-2nd grade 


Other Resources for your Group

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014
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