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Comprehensive Conservation Planning

Booby ChickThe purpose of a CCP is to provide a set of guidelines for managing a National Wildlife Refuge. The CCP lasts for 15 years and is mandated by the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966. The CCP is also supposed to contain the purposes of the refuge; the fish, wildlife, and plant populations, their habitats, and the archeological and cultural values of the refuge; significant problems that may adversely affect wildlife populations and habitats and ways to correct or mitigate those problems; areas suitable for administrative sites or visitor facilities; and opportunities for wildlife-dependent recreation.

Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan

The draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan is a large file. If you are having difficulty viewing the files in your browser, right click on the file and choose "save target as" - this allows you to save the file to your hard drive for easier viewing. You may also download individual chapters.


 Draft CCP cover 

Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan 


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Background
Chapter 2 - Management Alternatives
Chapter 3 - Physical Environment
Chapter 4 - Biological Environment
Chapter 5 - Social and Economic Environment
Chapter 6 - Summary of Effects
Appendix A - Species Lists
Appendix B - Appropriate Use Findings
Appendix C - Compatibility Determinations
Appendix D - Implementation
Appendix E - Wilderness Review
Appendix F - Biological Resources of Concern
Appendix G - Integrated Pest Management Program
Appendix H - Statement of Compliance
Appendix I - Common Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix J - CCP Team Members and Public Involvement
Appendix K - Cooperative Agreement and Presidential Proclamation
Appendix L - References

Planning Updates

Planning Update 1 announces Public Open House Meetings. It also provides an overview of the refuge and the Rose Atoll Marine National Monument. (November 2009)

Planning Update 2 lists primary management issues that will be used to draft management alternatives and refine draft goals and objectives. (May 2011)

Planning Update 2 Samoan language version.  

Planning Update 3 summarizes the alternatives proposed and identifies the management goals. (October 2012)

Planning Update 3 Samoan language version.

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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014
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