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National Wildlife Refuges work closely with other researchers, Universities and science-based organizations interested in supporting the agency's wildlife conservation mission.



One of the goals of the refuge is to engage in scientific programs focused on land management practices that make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem-function, ecological restoration and landscape connectivity in the southwestern United States.   


Major interests for research and restoration include: 

  •  Piñon/juniper encroachment onto grasslands and the bottomland of the river valley 
  •  Gully erosion and head-cuts in the grasslands 
  •  Protecting seeps and springs in tributary canyons 
  •  Restoring the highly interactive species that drive ecosystem function 
  •  Removal of exotic species, including exotic diseases 
  •  Promoting the health of threatened and endangered species’ populations  
  •  Woodland health 
  •  Landscape connectivity 

If interested in research, please contact the refuge or to learn more about special use permits for research.







Last Updated: Mar 18, 2014
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