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Hollingsworth Art Gallery

Each month the Hollingsworth Art Gallery exhibits wildlife-themed art by local and by nationally-known artists. 

May 2016 - Artist of the Month
Jon Boone

May’s exhibitor, a life-long resident of Maryland, is a 21st century Renaissance man. Jon Boone is a learned and passionate environmental scientist as well as a writer and watercolorist whose “day job” at the University of Maryland was historian—both as faculty member and academic administrator.

A native of Hagerstown, Boone recalls that he first became enthralled by the natural world, especially birds, at age 5 or 6. Books at his local library opened a world of possibilities for him; and in retirement, he’s still exploring them all. He helped found the North American Bluebird Society, became an associate editor of “North American Birdlife”, and serves as a consultant with the Roger Tory Peterson (a renowned ornithologist who died in 1996) Institute in Jamestown, N.Y.

Boone is working on a book about the Dutch master, Vermeer, an artist who incorporated 17th century science into the creation of his masterpieces. Not in oil, but like Vermeer, Boone makes his transparent watercolor “portraits”— careful and accurate representations of birds, plants, buildings, people and abstracts — celebrating them through his work.

Boone has a book published entitled “Remi’s, Book of Birds”—dedicated to his 4 year old granddaughter—whom he hopes (along with many children) to enthuse with the same love that captured him in his childhood library.

June 2016 - Artist of the Month

Cecella Wright

For the last 12 years, Cecelia Wright, has been a preschool teacher in a parochial school in her native city, Baltimore. A self-taught photographer, she’ll hang her second formal exhibit at Patuxent in June. The first was a recent one at the Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills.

She writes that, like many of us, she’s always enjoyed being outside, and learning about nature through reading, TV, and local nature centers’ programs and clubs. She volunteers with the Natural History Society of Maryland and other environmental groups. Wright’s current camera — though she’s used all kinds — is a digital SLR (single lens reflex) which refers to the action of the mirror — flipping out to reveal the sensor when the shutter button is pressed.

Wright’s trips have taken her west to Yellowstone and south to Florida, but one of her favorite places is Cromwell Valley Park — 400 acres of stream valleys and upland habitat in Baltimore County. She plans to exhibit a variety of natural scenes and subjects; including insects,plants and her favorite, birds.

And Don't Miss...
Unique and lovely Peruvian carvings of birds from semi-precious stones will be featured in our display cases. Fellow-countryman, Giancarlo Readi, who worked closely with an artistic family near Lima, and who designed some of the pieces, is making them available for us to enjoy.
Last Updated: May 24, 2016
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