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    • Wednesday Morning Bird Walk

      Bald Eagle Close 150x118

      See the rich profundity of avian life at Nisqually in all its unfettered glory.  No bird walk offers a more complete look at what is present at the Refuge.  This weekly survey regularly includes a number of the best and most knowledgeable birders to be found in the area.  Rain or shine, winter or summer, no corner of the Refuge is left untouched.  

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    • Summer Lecture Series

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      The theme of this years Summer Lecture Series will be "Exploring Our Diverse World"  Talks given by experts at the top of their field will explore wildlife issues and the effects of climate change.

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    • Raptors of the Delta

      Owlets 150x119

      The Peregrine Falcon, the Bald Eagle, the Northern Harrier, the Great Horned Owl: a variety of amazing raptors can be found on the delta, and each has a story to tell. Experienced birder Richard Cormier will reveal unique aspects of a raptor’s journey through life in this short, illustrated program.

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Last Updated: Jan 09, 2013
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