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Volunteer Applications

Butterfly Garden at sunsetOur mission is a broad and ambitious one, and we depend on the work of an array of skilled volunteers to help us reach our goals.  Whatever your age, ability, skill set or interest, we need you!

People of all ages are welcome to volunteer at Neal Smith NWR.  Signing up requires only a few simple steps.  You can download and print forms from this page, and then send them in via email, fax (515-994-3459) or mail (P.O. Box 399, Prairie City, IA  50228).  

New volunteers need to fill out and submit both the application and the volunteer services agreement below.  Next, contact the volunteer coordinator, Megan Wandag, by email or phone at 515-994-3400 to discuss your skills, interests, goals and schedule.  We will work together to find a project that meets our needs and achieves your personal goals.   

If you have already spoken to the volunteer coordinator about an opportunity, you may only need to fill out and submit the Volunteer Services Agreement.  This form is required annually for all volunteers.

Volunteer Services Agreement - download and complete the relevant blocks on both sides, making sure to sign about mid-way down on the back.  If you are over 18, follow this example showing which blocks to fill in.  If you are under 18, follow this example.  Note that EACH volunteer under 18 must have an agreement signed by a parent or guardian.

 Volunteer Application - download and complete both sides, making sure to sign at the bottom on the back.  Unless you are interested in volunteering elsewhere with the Federal government too, you may skip questions 16 and 18.  All applicants may skip question 17; unfortunately, we do not have any lodging for volunteers, nor do we allow camping on the refuge.
If you have registered to participate in an event at Neal Smith NWR which includes a volunteer project, you will only need to fill out the Volunteer Services Agreement.  Even if you are participating as a member of a group, all group members, regardless of age, must have a signed agreement.


 If you have any questions about volunteering or filling out these forms, please contact Megan by email or phone at 515-994-3400.
Last Updated: Jan 07, 2015
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