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Recent Sightings

Three birdwatchers with binoculars looking at something pointed out by fourth person.  Photo by Ronald Laubenstein, USFWSHere’s what folks are telling us about - birds, mammals, plants, other natural phenomenon. Let us know what you spotted on your most recent trip (email us at

June 2, 2014

Red Sleep Mountain Drive
Sunny, warm evening
Mule deer (watch for fawns)
Black bear (black)
White tail deer
Yellow pine chipmunk
Trumpeter swans (still at Nature Pond but not consistently)
Black headed grosbeak
Western Kinbird
European starling
Collared dove
Mourning dove
House sparrow
Red winged blackbird
Hooded merganser (female on Mission Creek)
Bullock’s oriole (Pauline Creek area)
Western meadowlark
Lazuli bunting (Pauline Creek area)
Vesper sparrow
American kestrel
Gray catbird (Pauline Creek area)
Cedar waxwing (Pauline Creek area)
Brewer’s blackbird
Black billed magpie (sounds like they have fledglings)
Eastern kingbird
Chipping sparrow
Tree swallow
Mountain bluebird
Clark’s nutcracker (near High Point)
Belted kingfisher (Mission Creek)
Yellow warbler
Song sparrow
Yellow rumped warbler (at start of Bitterroot Trail)
Spotted towhee
Lupine (lots)
Sticky geranium (particularly in Elk Lane)
Death camas
Arrowleaf balsamroot (still hanging on in spots up high)

May 27, 2014

Nature Trail
afternoon – cloudy, mild
Trumpeter swan – pair on nest (please be respectful of their space)
Red-winged blackbird
Yellow-headed blackbird
American robin (with fledgling)
American goldfinch
European starling
Collared dove
House wren
Yellow warbler
Common yellowthroat
American kestrel
Tree swallow
Northern flicker
Brown headed cowbird
Also – western painted turtles

May 27, 2014

early morning
Great horned owl perched in cottonwood on road up to Visitor Center (right hand side of road). Seems to be a favorite perch as it can be seen here a few mornings a week. 
Last Updated: Jun 03, 2014
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