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Visitor Activities

  • Fishing

    Aerial view of the shoreline - USFWS.

    The refuge is open to surf-fishing year round, daily, 24 hours. Anglers may be restricted from certain areas within the refuge due to the presence of protected migratory birds and seals. The refuge is particularly attractive to anglers and has been considered a destination on the island for its bluefish and striped bass. Ardent anglers surf cast for bluefish and striped bass. In the summer, bluefish are a great attraction to tourists. Striped bass come by the refuge beginning in August and are a major attraction. Albacore and also Spanish mackerel are more commonly fished off the Coskata-Coatue peninsula.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Male gray seal - Amanda Boyd/USFWS.

    Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge is a popular destination for birders and others who enjoy observing and photographing wildlife. Gray and harbor seals often haul-out along the beaches at Great Point. Visitors can experience the unique opportunity to view a variety of migratory birds such as the endangered roseate tern, common terns, American oystercatchers and piping plovers.

  • Interpretation

    Lighthouse - Amanda Boyd/USFWS.

    Through partnership with the Trustees, interpretive programming, lighthouse, fishing and natural history tours are offered during the summer season.

  • Photography

    Common tern - Amanda Boyd/USFWS.

    Great Point lighthouse adds an interesting element for the photography enthusiast. The Trustees of Reservations offers natural history tours during the warmer months and is able to bring visitors to unique locations that are otherwise challenging to get to. Call (508) 228-6799 for further information.

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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2013
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