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The National Wildlife Refuge System is committed to building partnerships which encourage conservation and protection of our natural and cultural resources. The Minnesota Valley Wetland Management District works with multiple partners throughout the Minnesota and Mississippi River watersheds. For a complete list of partners, contact the district headquarters, 952-361-4500.


The district works with three Friends Groups; Refuge Friends, Inc., Friends of the Minnesota Valley, and Henderson Feathers Refuge Friends, that provide support through outreach, land acquisition, and habitat management.


District lands gradually increase through a unique partnership with the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. The Minnesota Valley Trust is acquiring new lands, which will be donated to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and managed by Minnesota Valley Wetland Management District. For more information on the Minnesota Valley Trust, please visit their website.

Here is a list of other partners with links to their websites.
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Minnesota Pheasants, Inc.
Minnesota Waterfowl Association
Pheasants Forever 

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2012
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