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Upcoming Workshops

At Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, we offer a limited amount of workshops.  If you do not see the workshop you are looking for this Spring and Summer 2016, click the link here to see other workshop opportunities available in the metro area.

Be a part of the Minnesota Bee Atlas!

Saturday, April 23
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Bloomington Education and Visitor Center

The last time a survey of Minnesota bees was completed was in 1919 when only 67 species were listed. Scientists suspect that there may be closer to 400 species but we need the help of citizen scientists like you to find them all. In this workshop, you will learn about the life cycle and ecology of native bees, basic bee identification, and tips for photographing bees. These skills will prepare you to participate in the Minnesota Bee Atlas, a citizen science program that will use historical records, research from the Minnesota DNR and University of Minnesota, as well as current observations from participants across the state to create a searchable database of Minnesota native bees. The information we gather on species distribution and diversity will be important to help us track if or how bee populations are changing and how those changes might affect land management decisions. Please dress to spend time both indoors and outside.

To Register go to:

For more specific information contact:
Britt Forsberg
Minnesota Bee Atlas Coordinator
University of Minnesota Extension
2003 Upper Buford Circle,
135 Skok Hall, St. Paul, MN 55108

Environmental Education Cohort 

You are invited to join a dedicated group of educators focused on integrating and embedding environmental education and outdoor instruction into daily lessons. Join us for one Saturday morning session or as many as you can!

Refuge Staff are currently seeking VOLUNTEERS Interested in helping plan the 2016-17 EE Cohort Series. If you are interested please let us know. Go to http://

We are currently assembling a list of Environmental Education Mentors willing to share their expertise with a local teacher looking for help incorporating EE into their classroom teaching. For more information or to register as a mentor or as a mentee, call Suzanne Trapp at 952-361-4502.

Partner Teacher Workshops

To become a part of the Partner Teacher Program, each educator must attend at least one orientation session. Next, attend a seasonal workshop to bring your class to the Refuge during that season. These workshops highlight curriculum, teaching materials and equipment for the season. After that, attend one additional environmental education training every 3 years to continue in the Program.

Contact the Refuge site you would like to visit:
Bloomington Education and Visitor Center in Bloomington, MN - Chelsi Burns at or 952-858-0710
Rapids Lake Education and Visitor Center in Carver, MN - Chelsi Burns at or 952-361-4511


In a Nutshell

What if you had access to your own, personal naturalist to discover the nature right outside your classroom door, the nearby park, or nature area?

Well you do, and it’s FREE! Refuge staff can help design a 90 minute workshop just right for you and your teaching team. Free lesson ideas, worksheets, and resource materials are included in each workshop.

A minimum of 20 educators are needed to schedule a workshop at your location. Dates and times are flexible. Refuge staff can provide topic suggestions if needed after previewing your site.

Here are a few theme suggestions:

  • 1-2-3 Tree ID
  • Birds in Your Backyard
  • Water Critters
  • Wildlife Signs
  • Insect Investigations
  • Or (insert YOUR idea here)

To plan a session at your school, call Suzanne Trapp at 952-361-4502


Facts About Workshops

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge facilitates and hosts a variety of workshops focusing on the environment. Please read details of each workshop carefully as registration and fees may vary.
Last Updated: Apr 15, 2016
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