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Chaperone Information

Chaperones with Kids

Dear Chaperones, 

Thank you for joining us!  You will be responsible for guiding a small group of students on your upcoming field trip.  Please click here for our official chaperone welcome letter which includes more information about your upcoming field trip.  We have also prepared guides for each of our curriculum units.  Please click on the title and grade level of your child's field trip below for specific tips that will make your visit more enjoyable.  


 Habitat, Who Needs It?  (Grades K-6)

 Introduction to Snowshoeing (Grade K) 

 Wildlife Walkers (Grade K) 

 Forests are More than Trees (Grades K-1) 

 Nature Through the Seasons (Grades K-1) 

 Introduction to Snowshoeing (Grade 1) 

 Monarch Tales (Grade 1)

 Introduction to Snowshoeing (Grade 2) 

 Prairie Insects (Grade 2)

 Birds, Beaks, and Adaptations (Grades 2-6) 

 How Animals Communicate (2nd-3rd Grade) 

 Pond Insect Investigation (2nd-3rd Grade) 

 Seeds on the GO! (Grades 2-3) 

 Wildlife Scene Investigators: WSI (Grades 2-3) 

 Winter Tree Math (Grades 2-3) 

 Introduction to Snowshoeing (Grade 3) 

 Birding Basics (3rd-6th Grade) 

 Water Canaries (3rd-5th Grade) 

 Introduction to Snowshoeing (Grade 4) 

 Migration Matters (Grade 4)

 Introduction to Snowshoeing (Grades 5-6) 

 Minnesota Biomes (Grades 5-6)

 Tracking Wildlife (Grades 5-6) 




Last Updated: Oct 21, 2015
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