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Ozark Highlands Auto Tour Route/Rabbit Ridge Closed Due to Construction

Roadwork is still ongoing on the Ozark Highlands Auto Tour Route at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge. The Ozark Highlands is the portion of the Auto Tour Route that begins at the spillway and winds through the west side of the refuge. Typically this route is open the months of April, May, October, November and one week in August. However, this year the Ozark Highlands will remain closed for the Spring so the contractor can continue the roadwork. The crew is refurbishing the gravel sections of the route, repaving the up slopes and downslopes and replacing some of the bridges and culverts. When the roadwork is complete the refuge will be able to better maintain this route and will be able to keep it open for more months of the year.  Rabbit Ridge access to May Pond and the Monopoly Marsh Overlook will also be closed for the weekend of May 16-May 19.


Last Updated: May 16, 2014
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