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Seasons of Wildlife

Black-footed albatross pair

The albatross start returning to the Refuge to begin their nesting season in late October-early November.

  • Summer

    Blackfooted small image

    Fledging occurs 5-6 months after hatching (mid-June through late July) for the Laysans and 4-5 months after hatching (June and July)for the black-foots. 

    Parents will often leave before the chicks have reached their full juvenile plumage for both species. Relying on their fat reserves, the chicks survive on land, practicing take-offs until they master flight. 

  • Fall

    Goonie bird

    Laysan albatross begin breeding in mid-November and chicks hatch during late January to mid-February. Black-footed albatross begin breeding in early November and chicks begin to hatch in mid-January. 

    Both species lay one egg and incubation lasts about 65 days. Incubation starts with the female who usually stays for a short 2-day span. The male then takes over for as long as three weeks. If the egg is infertile or breaks during incubation, re-laying will not occur that year. 

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2013
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