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Mashmallow - Bill Wallen.

Group use of the refuge for education, research, or other activities is regulated to minimize conflict with other visitors and avoid pressure on sensitive habitats. Permit applications must be mailed to the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex Headquarters Office at least three weeks in advance. Visit the following site to obtain permit applications: A $20 fee may apply.

  1. Commercial Activities - Guiding Hunters, anglers, or other outdoor users. Commercial filming audio, video, and photographic products of monetary value.
  2. Research and Monitoring - Research and monitoring activities by students, universities, or other nonFWS organizations
  3. General Special Use - Miscellaneous events, Education activity, self guided groups of 10 or more, other activities not mentioned above.
Page Photo Credits — Marshmallow - Bill Wallen.
Last Updated: May 14, 2013
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