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Uganik Lake Float Plane

All commercial users or operations conducted on Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge are required by Federal law to obtain a special use permit from the refuge.

  • Permit Information

    Commercial operations include the following activities: big game guiding, sport fish guiding, commercial fishing, guided wildlife viewing and sightseeing, professional filming and photography, and air transporter services. To obtain a permit for commercial activity on the refuge, a business must submit an application and operational plan to the refuge, and agree to comply with special conditions stipulated on a permit. Some special conditions differ among permit types. Early permit application is encouraged to facilitate timely processing. There is a $100 administrative fee for issuance of the permit and a daily client use fee based on the type of activity in which the commercial user is engaged.
    Special Use Permits 

  • Big Game Guiding

    Kodiak Refuge has “sole use” big game hunt guide areas. The refuge is divided into 24 areas and only one guide - competitively selected through a prospectus process - is allowed to provide guided hunt services in each area. A guide may hold up to three areas. Big game guide permits are generally offered once every ten years. Current permits expire on December 31, 2013. A prospectus and request for proposals for the permit term beginning in 2014 was made available in August 2011.  Applications will be accepted through February 29, 2012.  Nonresident brown bear and mountain goat hunters must be accompanied in the field by a big game guide authorized to operate in the area.

  • Sport Fishing Guiding

    Kodiak Refuge is a fisherman’s paradise. All species of pacific salmon and steelhead occur within the refuge. As with other commercial operations, sport fishing guides must have a special use permit. Most areas are open to all fishing guides. However, a prospectus process is used to select guides and manage guided use on portions of four river drainages (Ayakulik, Dog Salmon, Little River, and Uganik). The refuge issued new permits for these areas, valid for up to ten years, in January 2011. 

  • Guided Wildlife Viewing & Sightseeing

    The number of guided viewing permits is not limited, except near the O’Malley River where a single, sole-use permit is issued via a prospectus processes. Like other commercial guides, viewing guides are required to obtain a special use permit, submit an operations plan, and comply with special conditions stipulated on the permit.

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  • Commercial Audio-Visual Productions

    Private individuals who wish to photograph or film their refuge visits for personal use do not need a refuge permit. However, professional filming activities, where film or video footage is gathered with the intention of using it for commercial purposes, do need a permit. Professional photographers who wish to receive special access or other accommodations not typically available to the general public will also need a permit.

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  • Temporary Set-Net Permit

    Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge is offering three annual commercial fishing site permits for set net or beach seine activities in parts of the Viekoda, Uganik and Uyak Bay areas of Kodiak Island.  Permits will be valid for one season of use from May 15 – September 15, and allow for temporary facilities such as tent platforms and other camp structures that must be removed at the end of the season. 

    Kodiak Refuge invites interested persons to submit a Commercial Activities Special Use Permit application for this offering.  Applications are available for download at or by contacting the Kodiak Refuge Headquarters at 907-487-2600.  Applicants are required to obtain the appropriate State of Alaska permits for commercial fishing activities and must provide evidence of these permits in their application.  Complete applications must be received by April 30, 2014.  If the Refuge receives more than three applications, successful applicants will be selected by lottery.  Applications may be submitted via electronic mail at or by mail to:

    Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

    Attn: Refuge Manager

    1390 Buskin River Road

    Kodiak, AK  99615

  • Other Permits

    Air transporter and most scientific research activities also require a permit. For instructions on applying for an air transporter permit, please contact Kodiak Refuge Headquarters at our toll-free number (888)-408-3514. 

    Trapping permits are required for all trapping on the refuge and may be obtained in person at the refuge headquarters.

    To access Akhiok-Kaguyak Easement Land, a permit must be purchased from Akhiok-Kaguyak Native Corporation (907) 258-0604.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2014
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