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Giant Clam TridacnaKingman Reef is closed to public access.  

However, limited public access of Jarvis Island has been authorized in the past. Refuge access is managed through the issuance of a Special Use Permit when the activity is deemed compatible and appropriate with the purposes of refuge establishment. 


The remote location and isolation of Kingman Reef and other Pacific island refuges make it difficult to conduct on-site visits for educational or interpretative purposes. Moreover, the lack of land attracks few resting seabirds and shorebirds to the refuge compared to other remote refuges. Thus, most educational and interpretative opportunities are necessarily delivered remotely through publications, educational programs, displays, or other media, to inform and educate the public to increase their understanding of remote Pacific island NWRs wilderness values, cultural and historical resources, and their ecosystems, with special emphasis on seabirds and coral reefs.

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2013
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