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  • Land Exchange/Road Corridor EIS

    Land Exchange/Road Corridor EIS

    The Record of Decision has been issued for Land Exchange/Road Corridor Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

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  • Refuge Photo Gallery

    Refuge Gallery

    This remote refuge is home to some of the most amazing wildlife and scenery in the world. See more.

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  • Sand Point Culture Camp

    Refuge Supports Sand Point Kids Camp

    For the past 13 years the USFWS has partnered with the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe to serve Unangan youth.

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Refuge News

Wilderness Act Turns 50!

Alaska Wild 50 Logo

2014 is the year to celebrate wilderness.64 of the 551 national wildlife refuges contain Wilderness Areas. Refuge wilderness holds some of our nation’s most treasured landscapes and wildlife. Izembek refuge has a total of 307,982 acres of designated wilderness within it's borders.

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Wildlife Sightings

Winter Temperatures Warmer than Average

2013 Winter Sunset

Photo of ice free Izembek Lagoon taken by Stacey Lowe/USFWS on January 24, 2013. Cold Bay is experiencing an unusual winter with warmer than average temperatures and less ice cover than normal on both fresh water lakes and the salt water lagoon. This year is the first winter since 2004 where the Izembek Lagoon has remained ice free for the entire winter. During most winters the lagoon is covered in ice from December to late March or mid-April. Several wildlife species utilize the lagoon in the winter including an increasing number of overwintering black brant. In fact, the number of black brant that have overwintered in Izembek Lagoon and nearby areas has increased from about 5,000 birds in 1990 to approximately 45,000 birds in 2012.

About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America’s fish, wildlife, and plants.

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Refuge Highlights

  • Pavlof Errupts this Summer

    Mt. Pavlof volcano errupts

    Mt. Pavlof volcano put on yet another show for residents of Cold Bay with its latest eruption during the first two weeks of June. The volcano, one of the most active in the Aleutian chain, is located in the Pavlof Unit of Alaska Peninsula NWR which is managed by Izembek NWR.

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  • Meet the Manager

    Refuge Manager, Doug DambergFebruary 02, 2014

    Doug Damberg joined the Izembek NWR staff as Refuge Manager in June of 2013. A Minnesota native, Doug began his career as a volunteer intern at Rachael Carson NWR in coastal Maine in 1988. Over his career, he has worked on various National Wildlife Refuges in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Wyoming, California, Wyoming, and Oregon. Most recently he served as the Assistant Refuge Supervisor in the Sacramento Regional Office, helping to oversee operations on 50 Refuge units in California, Nevada, and southern Oregon. Doug’s wife, Carol Damberg, is a Wildlife Biologist with the Refuge Inventory and Monitoring Program. In their free time, they enjoy recreating in and exploring the outdoors including fishing, hunting, hiking, bird-watching, photography, and gardening, amongst other things. Please feel free to call or stop by and visit Doug and Carol in their new home of Cold Bay if you get a chance!

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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2014
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