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Plan Your Visit

Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge - Matt Poole/USFWS.

Know Before You Go

  • During the warmer months at the refuge, mosquitoes and other biting insects can be very bothersome. Ticks are common on the refuge and can transmit Lyme disease. Please stay on all designated trails and take appropriate precautions to avoid ticks and other insects.
  • Poison ivy is also common on the refuge and is contagious during all seasons. Staying on established trails is the best way to avoid poison ivy.
  • Carrying a water bottle, particularly during the warmer months, is always a good idea when visiting the refuge.

Points of Interest

Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge offers visitors the opportunity to view and/or photograph wildlife in their native habitats. The Ferry Way and Peverly Pond pedestrian trails are open daily from dawn to dusk and offer opportunities for wildlife watching and photography. The Peverly Pond Trail and restroom facilities are wheelchair accessible. An informational kiosk is located adjacent to the parking lot. Refuge trails are open seven days a week from dawn until dusk.

Click here for a copy of our trail map. (pdf)

Click here for a self-guided tour brochure for the William Furber Ferry Way Trail  (pdf)

Directions and Contact Information

Take exit 1 off Route 16 (or Spaulding Turnpike) and turn onto Pease Blvd., heading into Pease International Tradeport. Go through one stoplight to a stop sign and turn right on Arboretum Drive. Follow the refuge signs for 3 miles to refuge parking lot, office and trails.

To obtain directions to the refuge via Google Maps, Mapquest, or other, similar computer-based directions generators, use this address:  4 Arboretum Drive, Newington, NH, 03801.

A non-staffed refuge, Great Bay NWR is located Newington, NH. Great Bay is administered by the staff of Parker River NWR (located in Newburyport, Massachusetts). The contact number there is (978) 465-5753.  


Page Photo Credits — Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge - Matt Poole/USFWS.
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2015
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