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Sedge Meadow
  • Hunting

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    The refuge is open for deer hunting in accordance with state-wide seasons and regulations. The only exception to the state-wide season dates is that the refuge is NOT open for any October antlerless-only deer gun hunts. No special refuge permits are required. The refuge is located within Deer Management Unit 67A. A few of the regulations for hunters include: access is restricted to an hour before to an hour after legal hunting hours; parking is allowed in designated lots only; boats are prohibited on the refuge but may be used on the river to access the west side of the refuge; portable stands may be used but cannot be left overnight; construction or use of permanent blinds or tree stands is prohibited; no scouting, camping, or fires; foot travel only. For more information contact John Below, Refuge Officer at 920-948-2579. 

    Refuge Hunting Brochure and Map (356 KB)

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  • Interpretation

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    Hikes and educational programs are occasionally offered through partnerships with local conservation groups. Contact Sadie O’Dell at 920-387-2658 ext. 114 or Sadie_O’ for more information.


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Last Updated: Dec 09, 2014
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