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 What’s New for the 2014 White-tailed Deer Hunt? 

Very Important, Please Read! 


  • No DMAP’S (Virginia Deer Management Assistance Program) will be given out this year on the refuge.


  • Bonus tags can be purchased through the state. You can call the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries at (804) 367-1000 for more information.


  • NO SUNDAY HUNTING on the Refuge!


  • Archery hunt will take place during daylight savings time change. Please be sure to take note of the time change which will make the lottery during the 2nd week of archery an hour earlier.   


General Hunt Information (see the hunt brochure for additional information)



Refuge Permits – Refuge hunters must possess a Refuge permit and all applicable state licenses to hunt deer in Virginia.  The permit fee is $30.00 and covers both the archery and shotgun hunts. Permit fees are non-refundable. Permits may be purchased (cash, check, or money order only: nocredit/debit cards):


  1. At the Refuge Headquarters after September 15, 2014 (times vary please call 757-331-2760 ext. 123 before coming to the office) or,
  2. By sending the hunter’s name, address, and a check or money order payable to: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (do not mail cash), after September 15, 2014, to:    


                          Hunt Coordinator

                          Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge

                          5003 Hallett Circle

                          Cape Charles, VA  23310


You do not need a hunt permit to participate in the daily hunt lottery.  Permits can be purchased at the check station after the lottery. 




*There will be NO DMAP (Virginia Deer Management Assistance Program) tags used on the refuge this year.




Daily Lottery – A lottery will be conducted to select 22 hunters each day to hunt the 5 hunt zones.  Hunters will select their zone in the order they are drawn in the lottery.  The size of the zone determines the number of hunters (2-6) per zone.


Orientation – All hunters must participate in an orientation session conducted at the check station prior to the day’s hunt.

Daily bag limit – Two white-tailed deer of either sex may be harvested per day. 



Archery -

Scouting: October 20– 26, 2014, open 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Hunt Dates: October 27– November 8, 2014, excluding Sunday November 2, 2014


Station Hours:

October 27– November 1, from 5:20 AM until 8:30 PM.  Daily lottery at 5:30 AM

 and November 3-November 8 from 4:20 AM until 7:30PM. Daily lottery at 4:30 AM.


 ***ATTENTION: DAILYLIGHT SAVINGS!Time change for 2nd week of Archery.***



Shotgun -

Scouting:  December 5 and 7, 2014, open 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM                                         

Hunt Dates: December 6–13, 2014, excluding Sunday, December 7, 2014.

Station Hours: 

December 6– 13, from 5:00 AM until 7:30 PM.  Daily lottery at 5:10 AM.



Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014
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