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Current Road Conditions

Road Closed

 High clearance vehicles are required past Corn Creek. 4-wheel drive is recommended. Road conditions may have changed since your last visit. Please be cautious. 

  • Mormon Well Road

    Mormon Well Road is closed from Desert Pass Campground to Sawmill Canyon due to flood damage.  

    The campground is still accessible.

  • Alamo Road

    Alamo Road is closed at the Dry Lake Bed due to hazardous conditions. Travel on Cabin Springs Road is not recommended.

    The refuge north of the Dry Lake Bed can be accessed from Pahranagat NWR.


  • We appreciate your help!

    With such a large refuge, we can't drive every road every day.  

    If you come across any hazardous conditions or changes in the roads, please contact us so we can check it out and update the current conditions.   

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2014
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