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Road Reports and Fire Restrictions

Current Refuge Road Conditions

The list below may not include all hazardous areas. Consider all roads minimally maintained. Travelers are advised to use caution and be prepared for slow travel over rough, uneven terrain. Report dangerous conditions to the Refuge. With any precipitation, conditions can change rapidly and refuge roads may be impassable.  Check the weather forecast before travelling onto the Refuge.

Sand Creek Station (west). Call 406-464-5181 for more information:
Road 219 closed.

Refuge Road 201 is not passable between Roads 855 and 204. Spring runoff has washed out a culvert. Also, CK crossing is impassable due to deep water and silt deposit.

Road 220, Carroll Coulee, water running over the road, impassable.

Road 307, Lower Two Calf Creek crossing is impassable due to large amount of silt deposit from high water.


Boat Ramps 

Kipp boat ramp is open.

Rock Creek boat ramp has been cleaned but drop off at the end is unknown. May drop off into deep water, please use caution.

The water access site at Turkey Joe is not usable for trailer launching of boats due to silt deposition and sheer drop off into river in excess of 20 feet deep. This water access site is not maintained, launch at your own risk.

Jordan Station (south). Call 406-557-6145 for more information: 

All roads open and passable.

Fort Peck Station (east). Call 406-526-3464 for more information: 

Road 504- impassable after Wagon Creek crossing.
Road 433- impassable after old line shack at hill bottom.
Timber Creek Road (off CMR) is impassable.


Beginning May 17, 2013, the following numbered roads within the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge road system will be CLOSED for the duration of the spillway construction work at the Fort Peck Dam.
Road 341 will be completely closed.
Road 340 will be closed at its intersection with road 341 near the bottom of the spillway channel.
Road 361 will be closed east of its intersection with Road 528.


Last Updated: Apr 14, 2014
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