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Fawning Season

Pronghorn2_512x219Help protect Sonoran pronghorn fawns.

From mid-March to mid-July, the refuge’s open areas include the western boundary of the refuge (south Welton, AZ) to Tule Well. From Tel Well east along the El Camino Del Diablo, the road is open for approximately four miles. From Tule Well northeast along Christmas Pass, the road is open for approximately five miles.

The purpose has been to minimize disturbance to herds containing fawns. If spooked, the adults will often run several miles and use up valuable energy they need to maintain themselves and their fawns. If their nutritional requirements are not met, this can result in the loss of fawns.

Due to the success of the recovery efforts, the refuge hopes to suspend the closure in 2014. Please check back to this website for updates or contact the refuge for the latest information on the closure.

Download the map of the closure here.
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2013
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