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Visitor Activities

2014 Dragonfly Festival Poster / Artist, 4th Grader-Amelia Tenorio ©

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.  Refuge trails are open all year from sunrise to sunset for free.  Stop by the Visitor Center Monday through Friday to find out what is happening on the refuge, including the annual Dragonfly Festival! 

Annual Dragonfly Festival
This year's, annual Dragonfly Festival will be held on Saturday, September 6th.  Reservations for a variety of Dragonfly, Birding, and Wildlife Tours began August 1st.  Contact Us at our temporary, alternate number (575) 910-1276 to reserve your space for tours Today!  View all the scheduled times for this year's events.  This is a fun-filled day, for the entire family, that is free of charge!  A variety of kid's activities are provided, including a guided tour presented by wildlife biologists.  Don't miss out on this acclaimed event hosted by Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  Below is this year's special presenters which will be in our refuge's Visitor Center auditorium. 

  9:00 am Hummingbirds by:  Bill Lindemann 
10:00 am Poisonous Lizards of United States by:  Jerry Tuttle/Scott Bulgrin 
11:00 am Monarch Butterflies by:  Debbie Pike
  1:00 pm Dragonflies of the Southwest by:  Karen Gaines 
  2:00 pm Landscape Photography by:  Jerry Holmes


Wildlife Watching and Nature Trails
Four short trails and two longer hiking trails are available adjacent to the Refuge Headquarters and Wildlife Drive. 

•  Butterfly Trail – Near the Headquarters, this 1/4 mile trail provides interpretive information
   about butterflies and landscaping to attract these beautiful insects.  This is a perfect location
    to view native vegetation.

•  Wildlife Drive/Auto Tour Loop -- The eight-mile wildlife drive is one of the best ways to
   observe wildlife.  Take advantage of the overlooks to get great views of flocks of Lesser
   sandhill cranes and Ross’ and snow geese, or to spot the coyotes and red-tail hawks criss-
   crossing the wetlands Drive slowly and watch for basking spiny softshell turtles, coachwhip
   snakes and checkered whiptail lizards.  

•  Oxbow trail - About 4 miles from the Refuge headquarters office off the auto tour route, this
    trails used to be connected to the Pecos River.  The deep water channel is an
   excellent location for bird watching and is approximately two miles long. 

•  Desert Upland Trail - This 1 mile trail takes you through an area that hosts an assortment of
   native plant species.  Shrubs and thicket areas provide excellent quail and songbird viewing. 

•  Dragonfly Trail -- Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge is famous for supporting one of the
   most diverse populations of dragonflies and damselflies in North America. Just less than
   one mile on the wildlife drive, you can enjoy dragonfly watching on this trail. 

•  The North Tract (12,160 acres) of the refuge, including the wilderness area, is open to hiking
   and horseback riding.   

Waterfowl, sandhill crane, quail, dove, pheasant, feral hog, rabbit, and deer hunting are available at the refuge during hunting season. For more information, you may contact us at (575) 622-6755 or email

Bike riding is permitted on the eight-mile gravel wildlife drive or the refuge's paved four mile (round trip) bike trail.

Page Photo Credits — 2014 Dragonfly Festival Poster / Artist, 4th Grader-Amelia Tenorio ©, Dragonfly species / USFWS, All photos courtesy of USFWS unless otherwise noted.
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2014
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