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Terrestrials and Extraterrestrials - Welcome to 2014's Dragonfly Festival

Come Rain and Shine on Saturday, September 62014 Dragonfly Festival Poster by 4th Grade Artist, Amelia Tenorio ©

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge are hosting the 13th Annual Dragonfly Festival on Saturday, September 6!  The Event's Festivities will continue with possible modifications if rain occurs.   

This year's Dragonfly Festival Schedule and Description of Events is now available!  View the Schedule hereAlso, see our update for the various Events in case of intermittent rain showers. 

All Activities are Free for the entire family!

Please call our refuge' direct telephone number (575) 625-4011 or our temporary, alternate number at (575) 910-1276 today to reserve a space for our Dragonfly, Birding, and/or Wildlife Tours.  Kids Discovery Activities will include a guided wildlife tour performed by wildlife biologists (weather permitting).

This year's special presentations are listed below.  They will be held in the refuge's Visitor Center auditorium.         

  9:00 am Hummingbirds by:  Bill Lindemann 
10:00 am Poisonous Lizards of the U.S. by:  Jerry Tuttle/Scott Bulgrin 
11:00 am Monarch Butterflies by:  Debbie Pike
  1:00 pm Dragonflies of the Southwest by:  Karen Gaines 
  2:00 pm Landscape Photography by:  Jerry Holmes


For more information on the Dragonfly Festival, visit the Friends of Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge website.  Don't let possible rain showers stop you from coming out for a day of wonderful activities and fun at the refuge!   

See our recently hosted, children's poster contest, winner's artwork.  This year's winning Artist is 4th Grader, Amelia Tenorio.

Be sure and land in Roswell, New Mexico at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge the first weekend in September for this year's Dragonfly Festival!

Page Photo Credits — 2014 Dragonfly Festival Poster / Artist, 4th Grader Amelia Tenorio ©, All photos courtesy of USFWS unless otherwise noted.
Last Updated: Sep 05, 2014
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