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Rules and Regulations

Fisherman in cypressThere is no motor size limit on the lake, but careful navigation is advised due to many submerged stumps.  Insect repellent is recommended.

Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying firearms will comply with all provisions of state and local law.

Collecting, disturbing or killing wildlife, plants, mineral or artifacts is prohibited.

Camping, overnight sleeping in vehicles, and open fires are not permitted.

Sport fishing after sunset is allowed during certain months. All other activity is
prohibited after dark.

Sport fishing only is allowed in designated areas in the following manner:

* Fishing is permitted only with pole and line or rod and reel.
* No seine nets or throw nets allowed. No trotlines.
* No dipping for minnows
* Fishing gear must be attended at all times.
* No turtles, frogs, or other animals may be collected or disturbed.
* All state fishing regulations apply to this area.

Swimming, wading, jet-skiing, and water-skiing are not permitted.

Intoxicated or disorderly individuals are prohibited and subject to arrest and removal.

All boats must comply with Federal and State boating laws. Appropriate anchor and
navigational lights must be displayed at all times during night fishing.

No wake zones and closed areas must be observed.

No airboats or jet boats allowed. No 4 wheelers allowed.

No littering.

You may not feed or place anything in the Refuge for the purpose of attracting or concentrating wildlife species.

Geocaching, marking fishing spots, or boat channels for navigation is not permitted.

Please travel slowly - you are responsible for your wake as well as for the safety
your passengers.

Be courteous of people paddling kayaks and canoes or other small crafts.

Page Photo Credits — Fisherman: ©Cindy McIntyre
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2013
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