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Environmental Education

The Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife refuge offers many exciting opportunities to learn about and enjoy wildlife! 

 Environmental Education Programs

The refuge offers fun, free and educational programs designed for children five to 14 years of age. A written curriculum exists, a portion of which correlates with state education standards. Classrooms, home school, nature clubs, boy and girl scout troops and any child with an interest in nature are encouraged to participate in the exciting hands-on activities offered free of charge!  

Programs Include:

Bridges to Birding at Balcones -- Fun activities that focus on birds, birding and bird conservation (approximately 4 hours in length)

Going Buggy! -- Insects, their benefits, research and conservation. Learn all about bugs! (approximately 4 hours in length)

Flying Wild -- Very interactive and engaging conservation activities that highlight birds, including playing charades to bird Olympics to bird frisbee. This is a great opportunity for   Girl and Boy Scout Troops to earn their badges. Limited schedule so please contact the park ranger for details (approximately 4 hours in length)

Endangered Species -- The program focuses on threatened and endangered species and the importance of protecting them (approximately 1 hour in length)

Mission Fly AwayThe "Mission Fly Away" project is a 10-lesson program for students to nurture and study Monarch Chrysalises in the classroom. After the classes raise the monarch chrysalises, the school has a field trip to the refuge to tag and release the butterflies during their normal migration time to Mexico. An interesting part of the program is that identification tags purchased from Monarch Watch allow classes to track their butterfly or butterflies during migration.  

Pollinator Power -- Pollinators play an important role in nature. Find out what they do and how they help you! (approximately 1 hour in length)

 Some programs are designed for classrooms and others are open to all children with an interest. Call Cindy Fronk at 512-339-9432 x 70 or via email at to learn more about these fun, FREE programs!


By participating in the following activities, Girl Scouts will work towards earning a badge (Legacy Naturalist or Animal Habitats.) A badge can be earned if you do one activity from each of the steps at a place other than the Balcones Canyonlands NWR:

Brownies -- Bugs (2nd - 3rd grade)  

Juniors -- Animal Habitats (4th - 5th grade)  

Juniors -- Flowers (4th - 5th grade)

Cadettes -- Trees (6th - 8th grade) 

Visit the Calendar of Events page to find out the details on fun, educational events offered at the refuge. 

For more details on the environmental education programs offered, call 512-339-9432 x 70 or via email at

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2015
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