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RCW Foraging Matrix Application Download

The NEW and improved foraging matrix application is now available for download via a ftp site. If you are unable to download the file or do not have access to a high-speed internet connection, please send an email to Matrix Support and request a copy of the installation CD. We also request that when you download the application, you send an email to Matrix Support with your name and contact information (including email, mailing address, and phone number) so that we can keep you informed of changes, improvements, or updated versions when they become available.

The RCW Foraging Matrix application is available at no cost however a valid ArcMap 10 license is required to run the application. The updated Foraging Habitat Matrix Application is compatible with ArcMap 10. If you do not have a valid ArcGIS license, you may contact ESRI to request an evaluation version. An evaluation version is time limited (i.e., will expire after a set amount of time) but will allow you the opportunity to evaluate the software and decide whether or not to purchase it. It is also important to note that you MUST uninstall previous versions of ArcGIS already installed on your computer.

You must uninstall any previous versions of the matrix before you install the latest release!

Steps for download and installation of the RCW foraging matrix application:

1. Click the following link or cut and paste this URL into a web browser:

2. Follow the installation instructions located in the "RCW Matrix Installation Instructions.pdf" file.

If you have any questions or trouble downloading the application, please contact Will McDearman.

Last Updated: April 21, 2015