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04/01/16 DFM  Use of Corporate Charge Card Accounts for Invitational Travel and Employees

Attachment 1 - Invitational Travelers in Concur Government Edition (CGE)   PDF 
Attachment 2 - Authorization for Use of Corporate Account - Form   PDF 
03/23/16 DFM  Implementation of PaymentNet Review and Approval for Charge Cards   PDF
03/22/16 DFM  Using the Government Charge Card for Local Travel   PDF
01/11/16 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2016)   PDF
12/30/15 DFM  Revision of FWS TDY Handbook (Effective January 11, 2016)   PDF
10/27/15 DFM  Amended Department of the Interior Temporary Duty Travel Policy   PDF
04/01/15 DFM  Use of Digital Signatures via Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cards for Payment Packages   PDF
11/20/14 DFM  Reimbursement of Fees Associated with Airport Security Fast Pass Membership   PDF
08/20/14 DFM  Payment of Fees for Employee Membership in Professional Associations and Societies (effective August 6, 2014)   PDF
08/15/14 DFM  Standard Service Agreement Forms for DOI Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Moves (effective July 31, 2014)   PDF
04/08/14 DFM  Temporary Duty Travel Policy   PDF
08/12/13 DFM  Proper Recording of Obligations and Prior Year Recoveries   PDF
07/01/13 DFM  Cost Structure Redistributions in FBMS   PDF
02/27/13 DFM  Obligations, Payments, or Redistributions Using Expired Accounts   PDF
02/01/13 DFM  Renting a Vehicle for Official Government Business   PDF
12/14/12 CFM  Delegation of Authority for Use of Alcoholic Beverages in Service-Occupied or Controlled Facilities   PDF
11/02/12 CFM  Updated Procedures for Micro-Purchases and Utility Payments   PDF
07/11/12 DFM  Revised Conference Approval Process   PDF
06/08/12 DFM  Exemption from Lodging Taxes   PDF
05/22/12 DFM  Establishing Project Codes in FBMS during FY 2012   PDF
10/07/11 DFM  Use of Non-Refundable Airline Tickets and Rental Cars   PDF
09/02/11 DFM  Implementation of the Government Relocation Advisory Board Recommendations for Federal Travel Regulations   PDF
06/28/11 DFM  Changes in Permanent Change of Station Entitlements (Effective August 1, 2011)   PDF
04/08/11 DFM  Shipment of Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) during a Permanent Change of Station   PDF
12/06/10 DFM  Accounting for Non-Economy Act Reimbursable Agreements   PDF
07/29/09 DFM  Updating GovTrip Profile with Secure Flight Information   PDF
02/23/09 DFM  Relocation Services Program   PDF
02/23/09 DFM  Procedures to Claim Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business (Standard Form 1164) for Local Travel and Other Expenses   PDF
12/15/08 DFM  Policy to Reimburse Service Telework Employees for Residential Broadband Costs   PDF
10/09/08 DFM  New Department of the Interior Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Guidance   PDF
09/18/08 DFM  Temporary Duty (TDY) and/or Relocation Travel of Employees to Areas Impacted by Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike   PDF
03/04/08 DFM  Quarterly Certification of Outstanding Undelivered Orders   PDF
12/12/07 DFM  First Class and Business Class Travel   PDF
09/17/07 CFM  Indirect Cost Recovery Policy for Service First Agreements

Attachment 1 - Exception to Policy Procedures on Service First Agreements Not Exceeding $25,000   PDF 
06/27/06 DFM  Travel of an Employee with Special Needs - Services of Attendants   PDF
09/15/05 DFM  Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Guidance

Attachment 1 - CCR Guidance   PDF 
02/09/01 DFM  Mandatory Use of Travel Management System - Waiver Process for Obtaining Lodging Accommodations and Rental Cars TXT  
11/02/00 DFM  Review of Outstanding Undelivered Orders   PDF
01/04/99 DFM  Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer TXT  
08/04/98 DFM  Electronic Payments to Employees TXT  

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