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                                                                                          March 28, 2000
To: Service Directorate
From: Director  /s/ Jamie Rappaport Clark
Subject: Law Enforcement Surnaming of Pertinent Documents

Many Service regulatory issuances involve the interpretation of wildlife protection laws or
include information concerning law enforcement functions or authorities.  Endangered species
listing packages, for example, typically contain section 9 language that interprets the law and sets
parameters for enforcement action by law enforcement personnel in the field.

It is essential that the Division of Law Enforcement participate in the review and surname
process for Service proposed and final rules, including listing packages, that address law
enforcement functions, authority, and interpretation of laws.  Such consultation will ensure that
conditions set forth in listings and other rules can be enforced in the field and prevent other
potential problems.

All Service divisions should coordinate regulatory issuances that include language dealing with
enforcement matters with the Division of Law Enforcement.  Listing packages that address
section 9 issues should always be surnamed by the relevant Assistant Regional Director for Law
Enforcement and, when appropriate, the Chief, Office of Law Enforcement.  In the interest of
speed and efficiency, divisions seeking Law Enforcement coordination on rulemaking packages
may photocopy relevant sections and submit those directly to Law Enforcement for surnaming
separate from the full review process.

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