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Structural Condition Ratings for Bridges


Date:  December 20, 2007

Series: Engineering and Construction

Part 362: Bridge Safety

Originating Office: Division of Engineering



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Code    Description






8          VERY GOOD CONDITION - no problems noted.


7          GOOD CONDITION - some minor problems.


6          SATISFACTORY CONDITION - structural elements show some minor



5          FAIR CONDITION - all primary structural elements are sound but may

have minor section loss, cracking, spalling, or scour.


4          POOR CONDITION - advanced section loss, deterioration, spalling, or



3          SERIOUS CONDITION - loss of section, deterioration, spalling, or scour

have seriously affected primary structural components. Local failures are

possible. Fatigue cracks in steel or shear cracks in concrete may be



2          CRITICAL CONDITION - advanced deterioration of primary structural

elements. Fatigue cracks in steel or shear cracks in concrete may be

present or scour may have removed substructure support. Unless closely

monitored it may be necessary to close the bridge until corrective action is



1          “IMMINENT” FAILURE CONDITION - major deterioration or section

loss present in critical structural components, or obvious vertical or

horizontal movement affecting structure stability. Bridge is closed to

traffic but corrective action may put bridge back in light service.


0          FAILED CONDITION - out of service; beyond corrective action.



These condition rating guidelines are general in nature and can be applied to all bridge components and material types.


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