Exhibit 2,

264 FW 2
Sample Memorandum for Approval to Waive Advance Payment

Date: October 9, 2009

Series: Finance

Part 264: Cost Recovery and Reimbursable Agreements

Originating Office: Division of Financial Management



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Microsoft Word Version



To:                   Director


Through:           Assistant Director - Business Management and Operations


From:               Assistant Director/Regional Director


Subject:            Reimbursable Agreement for [State, Local or Tribal Governments] Without Advance Payment


In accordance with Service Manual Part 264, chapter 2, I request your approval to incur obligations and expenditures in advance of receiving payments from [name of State, local, or tribal government or agency] for reimbursable work.


Consistency with the Service's Mission


The [name of State, local, or tribal government or agency] requested that the Service's [Region/field office] perform the following work:


Summary of services or product that we will provide and estimated reimbursement


We estimate that completion of this work will help to [benefits to be achieved], consistent with the Service's mission.


Need to undertake reimbursable work without advance payment.


The [name of State, local, or tribal government or agency] is unable to advance funds to the Service because [explain].


Reasons may include State, local, and tribal government constitutional prohibitions and/or statutes or regulations and Federal grant requirements.


Credit Worthiness of Organization


The [name of State, local, or tribal government or agency] has demonstrated prompt payments on recent reimbursable agreements with the Service.


Include history of timely payment by the recipient demonstrating credit worthiness.


The [name of State, local or tribal government or agency] is a financially stable organization as reported by Dun and Bradstreet or other financial reporting organizations.


Include evidence of financial stability of the organization.


Assurance of Payments


The [title of State, local, or tribal government or agency authorizing official] has the authority to commit the organization to payments in the agreement without qualification. We have included this assurance in the agreement.




                        _____ Approved
                        _____ Not Approved        Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service          




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